Are you sick of renting and paying off some one else’s Mortgage?

River Oak specialise in assisting first Home buyers getting into their very own home and take all the stress and guess work out of building, making your move an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Its a proven three step process to guide you through the entire process.
1. Establish your budget ( we work with over 20 different lenders )
2. Locate a block of land in any area you want ( NSW & QLD )
3. Build a home on that block that suits you, your lifestyle and your budget!

All homes come “full turn key”, which means you can move straight in… No need to borrow more money for appliances, driveways and fencing etc. In addition, your home will come with a “Fixed Price Promise” This means there is no risk of paying extra costs during the building process!

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Did you know that state government and River Oak grants and stamp duty exemptions are now available for first home buyers in NSW and QLD?
You may be entitled to over $20,000 in grants and exemptions. ( depending on which state you live in & your purchase price )
For many people, these grants are the difference between renting and home ownership!

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Think about how long you have rented for and much rent you have payed during that time…

Example: If you have rented for 7 years and pay $400 per week on average, that equates to over $200,000 in rent you have payed…. but wait, you have to pay tax on that $200,000 also. If your in the highest tax rate add another $60,000 that you have to earn to pay for your rent.

So what are you waiting for. Take the River Oak Challenge now and say good bye to renting.

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